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Van Nuys Web Design

Van Nuys Web Design company DK Interactive Design's goal is to design web sites that will move and captivate your customers to fully explore your products and services and create an unforgettable user experience. We build lasting relationships between clients and their customers by developing the optimal user experience. Through an in-depth analysis of our clients existing business goals, a survey of their brand, and an analysis of their customers attitudes and beliefs. We custom design each web site to meet the specific needs of our clients.

We know the ins and outs of web development and the importance of a responsive sleek design using the best combination of web technology, information architecture, user experience design, interface design, graphic design and search engine optimization. We are confident that our professional web design can provide you with the cutting edge presence necessary to propel your idea way beyond your expectations.

Responsive Web Design & Mobile Web Design
According to a recent study, over 95 percent of websites are viewed on mobile devices. Van Nuys Mobile Web Design company DK Interactive Design's goal is to design responsive web sites that look sleek on all devices including mobile. There are already many more people accessing the web from a phone then from a computer and keeps growing rapidly. Having an appeling clean and smooth functioning web site that is as clean and slick at all sizes from desktop to tablet to mobile will give you the lead over your competiors. Search engine results do way better when you have a responsive web site for mobile.

We are able to generate the best product by conducing an in-depth analysis of our clients existing business goals, a survey of their brand, and an analysis of their customers attitudes and beliefs. We custom design each web site to meet the specific needs of our client. We design your site to be search engine friendly as well as offering search engine optimization services. Throughout the course of this development, we will work hand in hand with you to refine your site.

We’re intelligent and know what works and what doesn’t work. Let us help your business and maximize your Return On Investment. We understand every dollar you invest needs to pay off, and we’ll work with you to make sure it does.

Interface Design
We are fond of great designs. Our fondness translates into mastery and passion; which creates stunning and intuitive experiences. We excel at modern designs that resonate with your audience. People do judge websites by their cover.

User Experience
We know the importance of usability. We create websites that are intuitive and work well. We are experts at achieving that exact goal. Having good usability is what makes the difference between bad and good sites.

At DK Interactive Design, our business is caring about your business and our commitment has shown in our work with our Van Nuys website and design clients.

If you are thinking of building a web site, getting your web site redesigned or updated, or just have questions about our Van Nuys web design services in Southern California please contact us.

Van Nuys SEO

Van Nuys SEO Company DK Interactive Design is here to do Search Engine Optimization for your web site. SEO is an ongoing process that involves understanding how search engines operate. To maintain relevance in our search driven society, your business must be present on the top result pages of Google and Bing. We can help improve your search rankings by using proven techniques that will boost your online traffic, incrase your brand exposure and keep your company highly competitve with the major players in your industry.

Benefits of SEO

• Achieve top rankings in key terms related to your industry
• Attract targeted traffic to your web site
• Boost online sales and customer acquisitions
• Increase brand visibility
• Position your brand as an authority in your industry
• Great ROI

Strategic layout, focused design and ongoing revision all work together to make a successful and easy to find web site. We believe in building your web site to withstand the test of time, and especially to handle the extreme challenges of maintaining your search engine rankings. Our search engine optimization strategies involve: creating a clean site design, rich content development, effective use of keywords, constant submissions to the top search engines, effective link acquisitions and ongoing analysis and adjustments.

We know all the tricks involved. We also closely follow all the latest developments in SEO to always say on top of our game.

In addition to managing the ever changing world of search engine optimization, we take advantage of our advanced content development and site design skills to create a website that is effective on ALL search engines. We believe that web sites driven by unique content will eventually help your site generate as much traffic through links to your site, as do the search engines. SEO is really about the entire package, and not just the latest gimmick.

We provide our clients with ongoing service instead of a one-time quick fix guarantee. While some clients may choose to have us just "make it work", we find that working with you to develop content and teaching you the workings of what it is we do makes you a better informed consumer, and that much wiser in the vast world of search engine optimization.

Effective use of search engines as an online marketing medium offers the greatest potential Return On Investment (ROI); outperforming all other online marketing and offline communication channels every time!

Interested in learning more about search engine optimization? Contact us today.

Van Nuys Graphic Design

Does that old blocky typeface you call your logo need an upgrade? Do you need a new image to compete in this day and age? Does your company need to redesign its logo, or to develop a complete corporate identity? Do you need a stationary system, brochures, and business cards? DK Interactive Design can provide a complete corporate identity branding package so your company can compete in any market. Don't wait one more day to reel in your full client base potential. DK Interactive Design can create that sparkling new image that your business demands.

Van Nuys Graphic Design company DK Interactive Design is available for all of your branding and graphic design needs from concept to completion. We combine the latest computer technology with state of the art graphic design to give our clients the visual edge they need. We create high quality graphic design for a wide variety of businesses. Some of our professional graphic design services include digital production, corporate identities, logos, advertising, promotional items, newsletters, business cards, post cards, fliers, invitations, menus, brochures, photo retouching, scanning, image manipulation and special effects.

Why is Brand and Identity Important?
Your brand is actually the perception of your organization and involves all that you do and value. It’s the core concept of who you are as a company and connects you to your target prospects. It’s responsible to creating loyalty and lends credibility to your message.