FAQ - About Website Design

Q. Where to find web design clients?

A. Having a well designed, clean looking, well optimized web site for starters. Also being active on social media will get you exposure as well.

Q. Where to learn web design?

A. We can give you private lessons by the hour to teach you web design. When we teach we also take you the extra mile and give you all the resources to push you ahead.

Q. Which program or software is best for web design?

A. There is a wide array of web design applications out there. We use Adobe Photoshop for the images, Adobe Illustrator for the logos and vector graphics, Adobe Dreamweaver for putting together the images and code and laying out the pages, Cyberduck for FTP which uploads the pages WordPress for web sites that would be appropriate to be in WordPress. There are many other web design software out there like Bootstrap Studio, Pinegrow, Divi, Blocs, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Muse, Coda, Brackets, BBedit, Sketch, Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer to name some others.

Q. Why web design matters?

A. First Impressions is the most important impression, User Experience is how the user interacts with the web site, great design is what gets a user to like the overall experience.

Q. When did web design start?

A. Web design started in the early 90’s. It was simple and mostly based on html tables used for design. Over time it has evolved and got more sophisticated.

Q. When was web design invented?

A. The World Wide Web started around 1991 with Tim Berners-Lee proposing a global hypertext project later known as the World Wide Web. Early browsers included Mosaic browser and later led to Netscape.

Q. What does web design entail?

A. Web design entails many different skill sets in the production, creation and maintenance of web sites. Some of the areas of web design include graphic design, vast array of software knowledge, SEO, information architecture, UX, UI interface design, layout, coding and keeping up with design trends.

Q. What is web design definition?

A. Web design is the process of creating web sites. It includes graphic design, webpage layout, interface design, content production, coding.

Q. Web design for nonprofit organizations?

A. We create amazing web sites for nonprofits. We take take your message and magnify it and translate it to an amazing web site your organization will be proud of.

FAQ About Website Design brought to you by Los Angeles Web Design company DK Interactive Design.